• Hospitality tools built for humans

      Running a hospitality business means overcoming daily challenges. Spend your time delighting guests - not managing countless systems.

    • It's not your average software

      Tango was built on the idea of making life simple. We know running a business isn't easy, so why make technology overly complicated? Good news, we didn't.


      Software so fast, it'll shock you.


      No more disastrous contract lock-ins.

    • It's not "another POS company"

      Built with & loved by trusted businesses, Tango was built to replace the boring, overly complex systems hospitality has had to put up with.


      Beautiful design that doesn't hurt your eyes to look at.


      Tech that lifts you up, not weigh you down.


      Cloud-based, have full-time business access.

    • A suite of products that'll blow your socks off!

      "That's not a joke." - Logan Thiel

      Speed Station

      Streamline operations, increase revenue and foot traffic with a system built for fast service.

      Flex Table Service

      Increase sales, up-sell guests and turn tables over faster with server-centric handheld tablets.

      Full Management

      From staffing to reservations, we help every part of your business run smoothly. Create schedules, hire, and track your employee performance.

    • Trusted by businesses of all sizes.

      And growing fast.

    • Have any questions?


      Interested in learning more, or getting started with Tango? Let's get you connected with a representative.